"Dear Dr. Salmon,

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you.

Before I saw you, I suffered from daily headaches and weekly migraines that left me paralyzed with pain and incapacitated. I kid you not. Once or twice a week, I would find myself laying in a dark room in a comatose state practically wishing for death. I basically lived on Advil. My brother-in-law suggested seeing you after his visits to your office brought success with his hernia and I will admit, I was reluctant to go, but I am so glad I did.

Your holistic approach and suggestions not only provided genuine relief from my migraines, your techniques very rapidly eliminated them. From having migraines twice a week to once in six months to…huh, I don’t remember when I last had one.

You gave me my life back, literally. You transformed my ability to do day-to-day activities without the fear, dread and utter sickness of triggering a migraine.

Periodically, friends and family will ask, “How’s the headaches?” I always answer with a smile, “What headaches?” as I hand them your business card."

-Vincent Corona-Evans


"Dear Dr. Salmon,

I want to thank you for your expertise and kindness as well as the personal care that I have received.

As you know, I have unfortunately suffered from long-term chronic neck and shoulder pain that has been both debilitating and frustrating to manage. Over the years, I have tried many techniques and traveled to a wide range of practitioners with little to no results. After only a few visits, the stiffness and heaviness that plagued my daily life for so long began to fade away. Now, my new state of wellness is on the path to pain-free living.  Your technique, knowledge and guidance in holistic medicine has brought me much needed relief and I am grateful."

-Maribeth Corona-Evans


"Dr. Salmon is truly the most gifted healer I've ever met. His knowledge, experience, wisdom and keen sensitivity seem to start the healing process before he even begins treatment. He has many powerful and effective tools in his healing toolbox, and he knows which to use and when to use them to get noticeable results in a relatively short amount of time. By taking into account a person's physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual body, his unique blend of treatment facilitates a powerful process that removes blocks to a person's body being able to heal itself. I have tried many traditional and alternative treatments and therapies over the past 25 years, but nothing comes close to what Dr. Salmon does."

-Mary Andrews


"I used to think a Chiropractor just worked on your back.  I have been with Doc Tom now for over 5 years and my back is now in great shape. However, by following his all-natural recommendations, he has also taught me how to loose weight; lower my cholesterol; and increase my positive attitude.  The side effect of all of his work is that I will also probably live longer too."



"For the last 30years, Dr Salmon has guided my entire family through the many trials and stresses of life. He helped my growing children through the bumps and bruises of life, scoliosis to PMS and asthma. He has also helped me through chronic back issues resulting from a birth defect and is now helping me to move gracefully through the aging process. I have such great faith in him that I often think he can treat almost anything.

He is not only a specialist but a very special person. Dr Salmon has the ability to listen, evaluate and diagnose problems very differently from other medical physicians. He has a very caring and professional staff who makes it their goal to ensure that you have a good experience and are well cared for."

-Pam Grubel